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IR Remote Control Code Analyzer 2011 - Professional

 YG-920 V10.0

Extraordinary quality

 IR Remote Control Code Analyzer 2011 - Professional Edition User Guide(Chinese)


 IR Remote Control Code Analyzer 2011 - professional user's guide

 100MHz dual-channel digital storage oscilloscope & IR remote control code analyzer 2 in 1

 Download software

  "IR Remote Control Code Analyzer 2009 - Professional Edition" release oration
Copyright Certificates
  Support remote control format list
  Display format analysis and annotation information case diagram
  Display encoding information case diagram
  Show the simulated wave case diagram
  Error-pulse case diagram
  Generated reference waveform case diagram
Virtual key case diagram
  Test case diagram for mass production
  Historical Version 2008 Professional
  Historical version V6.0 Professional Edition
  Historical version V4.01
Historical version V3.3

Name: infrared remote control code analyzer

Supporting software 1:Infrared Remote Control System 2011 - Professional

Supporting software 2:IR Remote Control Code Analyzer 2011 - Professional

Supporting software 3:Remote tolerance production tester Professional V2.0

Supporting software 4: PC Universal Remote Control Professional V3.0 V3.0

Sampling Equipment: Standard YG-920 V10.0 (RS-232 + USB2.0 interface)

Other Accessories: Power Adapter, RS-232 communication line, USB communication cable, software CD-ROM

[Update records]

Last updated :2011-02-20

IR Remote Control Code Analyzer 2011 - Professional Edition recent update records

[Software Features]
  Clear and stable on your computer to display the waveform signal integrity, which is a lot of scope unattainable.
  Can test the pulse width, code string length, data bits, boot code, customer code, data code, duplicate codes.
  Support user-defined decoding.
  Automatic preservation of historical records.
  Four-channel waveform display for easy waveform, each channel supports two kinds of operation.
  Supports more than 150 kinds of standard encoding formats.
  Support more than 200 kinds of air conditioning remote control codes.
  WINDOWS programming, user-friendly, beautiful, you can set your favorite interface.--- 2009 version of the interface even more luxurious fine
  The channel can choose to update the wave animation, there are rolling, refreshing style, type, and so from the far to near.--- New 2009 version
  Waveform data storage, access, share.
  Wave amplification, with an average show.
  Can transmit signals or receive the first phase of the output signal phase display waveform, note that the two signals is inverted.
  Wave drag functions, such as the drag from the oscilloscope waveform window to save favorites.
  Measuring the time between any two points.
  Large character display test results, the carrier frequency, can be used for production test.
  A detailed analysis of the known code, including code division clients, key code division, the division of each mode of the data is requested fine. Support for pulse interval modulation, phase modulation, high and low modulation, etc..--- New 2009 version
  View format decoding information, including the definition of bit time, the carrier frequency, median, modulation, bit sequence, reference waveform.--- New 2009 version
  Generated reference waveform, according to the definition of the current channel and time format and the current results to generate a reference waveform.--- New 2009 version
  Show the simulated carrier.--- New 2009 version
  Error level mark, when the decoding error, the waveform can be marked wrong position.--- New 2009 version
  Option 10 hex or 16 hex displayed.--- New 2009 version
  Simulated keyboard keystrokes action, through this feature can automatically enter the results into other software, such as WORD, EXCEL, etc., the same as typing in the keys.--- New 2009 version
  2011 version fully supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Win98, WinMe, WinNT, Win2K, WinXP, Win2003, Vista, Windows 7 operating system.
  Support in English Pronunciation key code, read the carrier.
  With the "remote control detector produced tolerance Pro V2.0", can be used to detect the remote control volume production line.
  With "computer Universal remote control Pro V3.0", can realize remote control of computers.

[Characteristics of the sampling equipment]
  YG-920 V8.0/V10.0 Sampler 32-bit processor, 100MHz frequency, high-precision measurement, resolution of 0.1 microseconds.
  USB2.0 interface for fast transfer of data to improve batch test speed.
  Supports up to 8 seconds sampling time, the longest 1024's remote control commands, ensure that the right to receive all the color TV, VCD, DVB, and air conditioning remote control commands.
  While maintaining RS-232 interface, compatible with early computers.
  Directly receiving the signal from the remote control, do not disassemble the remote control.
  Support 38K carrier, 56K carrier,non-38K carrier, no carrier infrared remote control signal.
  Support the carrier frequency test.
  Dual infrared tube receiver.


  Professional developer of infrared remote control for the development of test.
  Infrared remote control manufacturers, production test.
  Infrared Remote IC suppliers.
  Smart home developers, developers infrared remote control terminal.
  Appliance development, toy development.
  Can be used to test RF remote control signals (such as PT2262), test serial signals.

[Comparison of old and new sampling equipment]

Comparison Project YG-920 V8.0/V10.0 Previous product
Processor 32-bit, 100MHz frequency 8, FSB 22MHz, internal 4MHz
Resolution 0.1uS 1uS
USB Interface True USB2.0 USB to serial port mode
The longest median received instruction 1024 512
Maximum sampling time 8 seconds 4 seconds
Integration High Low


Infrared Remote Control Code Analyzer as a product has been sold to Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Taiwan, co-workers big, Hong Kong and other places, unanimously praised by users, the following table only lists part of the user.
Taihe Electronic Run Di Electronic Shenzhen An Electric Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hangzhou
Bao Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Rolands Fujian Yinxiang electronic firms Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Wuxi Huawei
Sheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. GUANGZHOU Wuxi of East China Institute of SCM Jiangsu Zhenjiang Hui Tong Group
Shenzhen Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Group VeriSign Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Shenzhen Xinda Electronic
Best Electronic Products (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Good electronic goods (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Electronics factory in Dongguan Hengyu
Harbin Institute of Technology National University Science Park Guangzhou Huayuan Electronic Shenzhen Intelligence, Electronics
Shenzhen point into gold Shenzhen Konka Group Co., Ltd. Electrical Equipment Factory, Zhejiang University
Beijing Ethernet company Zhejiang Wenling beyond electronic Jin Chen, Jiangsu Wujin City Electric Co., Ltd.
Junior Chamber International Malaysia Dongguan Sentai Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Century Courier
Dongguan up Qi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen precursor Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Jin Pute
Guangzhou Helen E Tianchang long electrical Source of Electronic Shenzhen Ji Jie
British Put Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. Electronics factory in Dongguan and Jenny  
New Spirit Technology Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Tang Changsha Information Technology Co., Ltd. A Chinese Semiconductor (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Set Feng Technology Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Baoji Dongguan Jing products companies Shenzhen Hua Jing
Guangzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. with the past Holtek Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch Fourth Military Medical University
Rittmann-HF-Technik Germany (Germany) "Sara Wernau" Ltd Poland Taiwan's 10-speed
Shanghai Hi- Hangzhou Silan Shanghai Belling
Suzhou group of up to Guangzhou Chang-dimensional Taiwan Jinming Kai Corporation
Industrial Electronics Ssangyong Electronic Appliance Factory Taiwan Dong Ming Electronics
Long e-Changzhou Chang 艾法科 Technology Princeton Technology Taiwan
Infrared Remote Control Code Analyzer - Copyright Certificate (click to enlarge)
Infrared Remote Control Code Analyzer 2009 - Professional Edition --- software interface (click to enlarge)
Standard sampling equipment YG-920 V10.0

Batch testing for production line



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